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Welcome to Relax...Holistic Baby Fitness

Hi! My name is Rachael Logue. I’m from Blyth, I have two children Cameron and Evie and I also run our social business Relax Holistic Baby Fitness from Albion Activity Centre in Blyth.

I was diagnosed with postnatal depression after my little girl Evie was born, I soon realised there was no perinatal focused sessions within South East Northumberland. With this in mind I set up Tots & Tums, which has been rebranded to Relax Holistic Baby Fitness.

I’m a committed people orientated individual, who is dedicated to the development of parents & babies. I teach Baby Massage, Baby Reflexology, BuggyFitness, Get Up & Glow, Boxercise and circuits, and I’m also highly trained in holistic therapies. I enjoy supporting parents throughout pregnancy & early stages of parenthood.

Our Values

Approachable and easy going – we're able to build and maintain trusting relationships with families. We take into account the beliefs and interests of parents and children and operate in a conducive way to this.

Patience and understanding – we have worked effectively with families & babies from a range of backgrounds and have always maintained a calm and patient composure when dealing with challenging situations.

Creative – We have a good imagination and can think of and implement creative activities to engage children and support their development at any age.

Passion for supporting people with mental health illnesses – Throughout Rachael’s career she has excelled at working with adults and children with wide ranging mental health illnesses, enabling them to progress towards meaningful employment. This has involved building a vast network of support services ensure the correct support is received.

baby massage

This has many benefits to both parent and the baby including alleviating colic, constipation, reduce crying and fussiness, help baby sleep more peacefully also eases teething and helps parents bond with their baby from birth onwards.

baby reflex

Baby Reflex is an exciting concept of Reflexology, which may enhance the natural loving bond between parent and child, giving parents the opportunity to learn special, gentle techniques from a qualified Reflexologist.

sensory social

Sensory Social provide ideas for play, tummy time, movement, visual development, hand-eye coordination and music in simple practical ways that can easily be repeated at home.

musical tots

Musical Tots is a fun interactive musical journey. Classes are based on singing with vocal ‘warm ups’ that will stimulate your little one. This includes many classic nursery rhymes and songs, with musical instruments, which helps aid speech, movement, expression and confidence.

parent and baby relaxation

Stimulates the senses, the tactile experience gained during messy play helps children experience a variety of textures. Great meeting point to socialise with other parents & grab a coffee & cake after class!

messy play

Stimulates the senses, the tactile experience gained during messy play helps children experience a variety of textures. Great meeting point to socialise with other parents & grab a coffee & cake after class!

baby rave

It’s a great way to meet other parents, for babies to interact with other babies in a fun filled rave environment. Learning through play – visualisation, sound, touch with all our sensory education equipment.

For You
get up and glow

Bring your baby along with you while you work up a sweat - Get Up & Glow, The Albion Activity Centre, Blyth, Wednesday 9:30 - 10:15 - £3.50.
Recommend starting classes after your 6 week check-up, sling carrying is welcome.

buggy fitness

BuggyFitness is (post 6 weeks) Raising energy levels and making you feel less tired

  • Restoring muscle strength including postural muscles
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Promotion of weight loss
  • Relieving stress and prevention of postnatal depression
  • Meeting new friends and socialisation
  • Interaction with your child while you exercise
Before commencing in postnatal exercise always consult with you GP/midwife.

box fit

For an effective workout that focuses on boxing and combines pad work, conditioning and circuit training, Boxfit is low-impact and high energy. Burn both your stress and fat away as your increase your fitness and stamina, lose weight and tone.

pre and postnatal wellbeing

We can offer 1-2-1 meetings if you feel nervous or have anxiety about coming to a new group. We also provide additional support families with Mental Health & Physical Health.

pre and postnatal wellbeing

Sessions are delivered through a format of education and hypnotherapeutic techniques including: breathing, relaxation, visualisation, deepening and direct suggestions.

The aims of these workshops are:

•To promote a relaxed state of mental well-being for the mother during pregnancy
•To prepare the mother for a birth free from fear and tension
•Enhance bonding between the mother and baby
•Reduce or even eliminate pain

Promoting the mental well-being of the pregnant mother can have a positive impact upon the unborn child’s psychological development. A relaxed mother nurtures a safe place for her unborn baby helping the baby develop into a relaxed, calm, and confident child.

Ideally if we could get mums at the later stage of the 2ndtrimester it would be good as the significant time for babies is during the 3rd trimester, this is when they are more aware of their environment including the environment outside of the womb.

Holistic's For You

Life can be full of stresses & strains, this means more than often, you might find yourself at the bottom of the list for ‘me time’. With this in mind we provide a number of holistic therapies, designed with you in mind. The aim is to for you to relax, heal and invigorate tired, aching muscles.

  • Full body massage - 1 hour
  • Indian head massage - 30mins
  • Deep tissue massage - 30mins
  • Reflexology 1 hour treatment
Pregnancy Massage

Our lovely qualified staff offer specific treatments that have many benefits to expectant women, including bringing relief to common aches and pains, as well as providing relaxation at this very important time. This treatment is carried out lying mainly on your side, supported by pillows.

  • Bump Bliss

    A full body and scalp massage - 1 hour

  • Bump heaven -

    Relaxing back massage - 30mins

  • Bump Relax

    Lower leg, foot & hand massage to
    relieve tired & swollen legs. - 30mins


To meet up for a chat and a cuppa please text or call 07715 386797, or fill in our contact form below.

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